UPDATES Beginning January 2006


January 16 - Added Claude E. "Mickey" Dalrymple Jr BT2(68-69) to Crew List With Email

May 4 - Added Ed Carter CT2(69) & Larry Hosea ?(65-55) To crew list WITH email

July 20 - Carlton Cox hands over the USS Jamestown website to Emile Gallant. 

July 20  Emile Gallant made moderator of USS Jamestown Yahoo Group.

July 20 - Thanks sent to Carlton Cox for the job well done on the USS Jamestown website.

Aug 4 - Email service available to crew with @ussjamestown.com as the mail server.

Aug 4 - Denny Allen requested and was granted an email address of drallen-ctm3@ussjamestown.com

Aug. 9 - New USS Jamestown website goes public.