Before I arrived and before the overhaul, ship was attempting to come up on an oiler for an underway refueling. The oiler was going a standard 18-22 knots:
Oiler Captain: Suggest you increase speed to 18 knots to come along side.
Jamestown Captain: We are unable to attain 18 knots.
Oiler Captain: Roger we will decrease speed to 12 knots.
Jamestown Captain: We are unable to achieve 12 knots.
Oiler Captain: Suggest you increase to flank speed and come along side.
Jamestown Captain: (Speeding along at 8 knots) We are going FLANK speed.

LTJG Sid Sneidar

My first cruise was to South America. At that time we had 2 50 Caliber machine guns. As we were returning back through the Panama Canal towards Norfolk, we were told we were going in to be refitted with more armament and going to Vietnam. Our additional armament was 2 more 50 caliber machine guns! Not much defense for a ship that we joked was the only ship in the Navy that could tie up going full speed!!

Russ Mann(65-66)

Transiting the Bangkok River on the first port call
1. Visiting Jesselton, Borneo for the first U.S. Military vessel port call
2. Having a beer party on Phu Quoc island and we were shelled by the Viet-Cong, which broke up our beach football game.
3. Loosing our boilers in a Typhoon and unable to make head way for a long time.
Herman Lockett CWO-4(66-67)

I remember riding a typhoon in the South China Sea in that round bottom bucket that terrifies me to this day. Huge seas, several injuries, incredible seamanship by the "non spooks" that ran the ship.
Chuck Smith CTM1(68-69)
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