USS JAMESTOWN Alumni With Email


A Top
Alden, Gary CT2 9/69-12/69 Email
Allen, Denny R. CTM? 10/69-12/69 Email
Allen, Phillip M. "Mike" CTO2/CTO1 7/68-7/69 Email
Almond, Marvin L. - ? - 10/66-11/67 Email
Ames, Bruce A. CTM3 69 Email
Anderson, Dennis CTTSN 4/64-8/65 Email
B Top
Balash, William J. CTO2 ? to Decommissioning Email
Barney, Mike CTI?   Email
Bingham, Lowell   66-67 Email
Berry, Burt CT3 63-65 Email
Blankenship, Samual "Sammy" CT2 5/68-4/69 Email
Blanton, Wallace E. - ? - 66-67 Email
Bolton, Jerry CTSN/CT3 10/64-4/66 Email
Borek, Richard J. CT2 68 Email
Bottitta, Frank   68-69 Email
Bowser, Phillip M. PO3 64-66 Email
Brekke, Robert L. CTASN/CTA3 8/67-11/68 Email
Brose, Harry CTR3 8/66-8/67 Email
Brown, Mike CTRC 6/68-3/69 Email
Buck, William "Bill" CTO2/CTO1 1/64-8/65 - 7/69-12/69 Email
Burns, Ray CTT3/CTT2 9/68-9/69 Email
Buxton, Dick CTISN/CTI3 6/69-11/69 Email
Byers, Larry J. LT. - Operations Officer/Navigator 11/65-12/66 Email
C Top
Cable, Richard SFP3 10/63 - 10/68 Email
Campbell, Don CTR3 68-69 Email
Carter, Ed CT2 1969 Email
Cascketta, B.M CT 1968-69 Email
Clark, Dennis CTT3 68-69 Email
Clayton, Charles ET2 67-69 Email

Clipp, Earl

MR2 9/63-8/65 Email  

Cluck, Richard L.

CTR 10/64-04/66 Email  
D Top
Daleo, Tony PC3 67-68 Email
Dalrymple, Claude E. "Mickey" Jr. BT2 68-69 Email
Davenport, David J. CT3 8/66-9/67 Email
Davis, Thomas E. SN 10/65-10/66 Email
Dean, Ed CTO2 4/68-1/69 Email
Disher, Jon RM3 8/69-Decom Email
Dedenbach, Paul CTT3 68-69 Email
Dembowski, Dave CTC 67-68 Email
Dilley, Merlyn CTR2 9/63-3/65 Email
Dollar, Tommie CTT2 68-69 Email
Downing, Larry CTO3 67-68 Email
Dunn, Dave E-4 4/67-4/68 Email
Durrance, Tom (Gator) CTR3 6/68 - 8/69 Email
Duttera, Tony(Son of William Duttera 63-64?) Tony is a LT. on active duty Anyone who knew William email Tony Email
Dyckman, Edward     Email  
E Top
Eikleberry, Dennis CTR2 6/68-7/69 Email
Ellegard, Wayne A CTT? 67-68 Email
F Top
Featherly, Dave CTRSN/CTR3/CTR2 11/63-8/65 Email
Fernette, Michael "Mike" CTO3 66 Email
Freeman, David F. "Dave" CTR1 9/63-5/65 Email
Frey, Barton "Bart" CTR3 65-66 Email
Frey, Charles G. CTRSN/CTR3 1/64-9/65 Email
Frost, Willard R. SA/SN/BM3 63-65 Email
G Top
Gallant, Emile G. RM3 67-68 Email
Gibson, Phil CTR2 1/67-11/67 Email
Gilbert, Bill CTR3 - ? - Email
Gooby, Tom CTM3 9/67-9/68 Email
Goodell, Charles B. (Crow) FN (Shipfitter Striker) 7/66-7/67 Email
Gowan, Richard(Goat) BTFN 12/68-12/69 Email
Gratton, William CTI3 65-66 Email
Gray, Dennis E-3 3/69-12/69 Email
Greer, John Henry CT3 9/66-6/67 Email
Grey, Charles R. CTR3 5/69-Decomissioning Email
Guhl, Steve CTR2 10/67-10/68 Email
Gulbranson, Norman SM2 66-67 Email
H Top
Harper, Robert "Bob" CTT2 01/69-12/69 Email
Hartman, Gary E4 63-65 Email
Heath, Stephen S. CT3 5/68-5/69 Email
Henderson, Stephen CT3 6/66-7/67 Email
Hendry, Colin P. FN 8/67-8/68 Email
Hennion, Harry D. SF3 9/63-10/65 Email
Hinton, Danny SMSN 69 Email
Hightower, Don CTR1 66-69 Email
Hosea, Larry ??? 65-66 Email
Houtz, Richard CTT? 65-66 Email
Huckabee, Kenneth C. CTO2/CTO1 9/63-3/65 Email
Huntington, Stuart L. "Stu" LCDR Operations Officer 69 Email
Hutton, John CTO? 63-65 Email
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J Top
Johnson, John CTO2 1/69-12/69 Email
Johnston, Derrell CTT3 69 Email
Jones, James E. CTCM 66-67 Email
Jones, Robert CT2 1968 Email
Jordon, Henry J. - ? - - ? - Email
Jorgensen, Lee CTOSN 2/68-2/69 Email
K Top
Kaplan, Alan CDR First CO 63-64 Email
Kelly, Jim CTR3/CTR2 1965-1966 Email
Kennedy, Leo F. CPO Plank owner (Now deceased) Email
Killen, Edward L. "Larry" CTI3 8/67-3/69 Email
Klaus, Dwayne M. CTR2 64-65 Email
Knott, Dennis CTT1 5/66-6/67 Email
Kohlhafer, Lee(E.L.) CTO1 63-65 Email
Konegni, Frank - ? - 68-69 Email
Kostiha, Edward T. BM2/BM1 67-68   Email
Koty, Ken RM3 68-69 Email
Kretsinger, Darl CT3 3/67-3/68 Email
Krzesinski, Stan SN/BM3 8/66-8/67 Email
L Top
LaDriere, Albert CTMSN/CTM3/CTM2 63-65 Email
Lahr, Ralph CT3 65-66 Email
Lamberton, Roy S. CTR2 9/69-11/69 Email
Lazar, Philip R. LTJG 68-69 Email
Lockhart, Ken SMSN 11/67-11/68 Email
Lockett, Herman CTT2 66-67 Email
Loden, Richard EMO 65-66 Email
Lutes, Jack CTAC 68-69 Email
M Top
Mann, Russ CTT2 2/65-7/66 Email
Marciniak, Ed CTTC 67-68 Email
Margolis, Bruce SA 8/67-8/68 Email
Martin, Bill CTO3 3/68-4/69 Email
Marmas, Jim CTR1 63-64 Email
May, Calvin "Cal" CTTC 12/67-6/69 Email
McCloskey, Mike Damage Control Officer 10/67-10/68 Email
Mccurdy, Larry MMFN/MM3 9/67-9/68 Email
McDonagh, David CTR3 7/69-11/69 Email
Mitchell, Dennis A. CTOSN/CTO3 2/68- 2/69 Email
Mitchell, Stephen J. CTA2 1969 Email
Montague, Charlie - ? - - ? - Email
Morgan, Terry W. CTO3 1967-68 Email
Morris, Dorian G. CTI3 2/67-11/67 Email
Murphy, John A. OT Division Officer 6/65-6/66 Email
Murphy, Robert EN3 66-67 Email
Myerson, Bill CTR1 3/64-3/65 Email
N Top
Neary, Tim CTO2 69 Email
Nelson, Robert - ? - 65-66 Email
Nelson, Stephen "Steve" RM3 69 Email
Neuman, Ronald "Ron" CTT1 11/67-12/68 Email
Nims, David CTSA/CTSN 7/69-11/69 Email
O Top
Oliver, Marion B. "Ollie" CTR3 68-69 Email
P Top
Palmer, Terry CTT3-CTT2 10/63-4/65 Email
Payne, William CTRC 63-65 Email
Philps, Richard C. CTI3/CTI2 7/68-6/69 Email
Polak, John CWO3 7/69-11/69 Email
Q Top
R Top
Reed, George CTR3 1966 Email
Reeks, Guy T. CTTC 1/68-12/68 Email
Reynolds, Ralph D. CTR2 5/69-11/69 Email
Richard, Ted Ens/LTJG 8/63-8/65 Email
Richardson, Randall CTA1 8/63-6/65 Email
Rickert, Terence "Terry" CT2 4/64-9/65 Email
Riemann, Karl BMSN/BM3 66-67 Email
Roberts, Ed CT3 66-67 Email
Robinson, Allen CTI3 68-69 Email
Rogers, Jerry C."Yodar" CTT1/CTTC 12/66-12/67 Email
Rose, Andrew YN3 62-65 Email
Rosenbaum, Ed EM3 65-66 Email
Roth, Charles A. MM2 9/65-8/67 Email
Rowe, Wayne CTSN/CT3/CT2 6/67-7/68 Email
S Top
Schimweg, Larry CTSN 1966/67 Email
Sedlock, John E. CT3 1967/1968 Email
Seely, John A. CTA3/CTA2 10/68-10/69 Email
Seymour, Jim CTR2 10/67-10/68 Email
Shearer, John D. CTI1 66-67 Email
Shields, William B. CDR - CO 68-69 Email
Shoemaker, Dale CTSN/CT3 9/66-12/67 Email
Sikkelee, Gary R. CTO3/CTO2 7/67-7/68 Email
Sisk, C. C. CT2/CT1 3/64-8/65 Email
Slater, Steve CTT3 1/68-8/69 Email
Smith, Chuck CTM1 4/68-3/69 Email
Smith, James E. CTT3/CTT2 5/68-5/69 Email
Smith, M.J. CTTCS 10/66-12/68  
Smith, Steven C. CT 1968/69 Email
Smith, Wilmer D. CTTC 10/63-8/65 Email
Sneidar, Sid LTJG 68 Email
Sokolove, Stan CTTC 65-66 Email
Sorensen, Dick CTT1 10/66-10/67 Email
Stewart, Robert H."Bob" ETNSN/ETN3 10/66-12/67 Email
Stierlen, Dennis - ? - - ? - Email
Stirling, Mike CTT3 1/69-11/69 Email
Stiles, James G. CTR1 10/63-4/65 Email
St.Onge CTT1 10/68-10/69 Email
Strand, Richard "Rich" CTT2 67-68 Email
Swan, Dave CTM3 6/68-6/69 Email
T Top
Tanner, Walt QM2 11-66 TO ?-67OR 68 Email
Taylor, George W. SMSN 8/66-10/67 Email
Taylor, John SFM2 6/67-4/69 Email
Thompson, Tim QM2 3/65-11/66 Email
Tondu, David M. CTO3/CTO2 63-65 Email
U Top
V Top
Vally, Dan CTR2 65 Email
W Top
Wade, Larry CWO4 8/67-8/68 Email
Waldron, Jack CTR3 64-65 Email
Walker, Thomas SN 8/67-9/68 Email
Walker, Arthur T. CWO2/ENS 68 Email
Webster, Al CTR1 10/63-3/65 Email
White, Jon P. CTRCS 9/68-8/69 Email
Whittlesey, Eugene E. CTOC 63 & 69 Email
Williams, Cliff CTT3 68-69 Email
Williams, Dwight D. "Dave" CT3 10/65-8/66 Email
Wilson, John F. CTR3 1/64-8/65 Email
Wright, Thomas CTRC 6/69 to Decomm. Email
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Z   Top
Zimmerman, Stan YN3 1/65-66 Email
Zuccarell, Ernie "Zuke" CTSN 10/69-12/69 Email
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