USS Jamestown AGTR-3


On the following pages you will find photo's and crew lists of the USS Jamestown AGTR-3.  

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Link to Ken Nordheim AGTR3 Photo's

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Little Miss Jamestown

New photos posted: 04/15/2010

What's new onboard the USS Jamestown AGTR-3

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Thumbnails of Ship and Crew
More USS Jamestown Photos Added July 30, 2004 (Historical Photos)
Photo's from JKelly
A Couple More USS Jamestown Photos from Ed Kostiha 68-69
USS Jamestown Cruise Book 1965-66
USS Jamestown History
Memories of USS Jamestown AGTR-3
More memories of the USS Jamestown
Memory of Capt David McKee
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Awards list
Passing of Capt. Alan Kaplan


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Ship's Deck Logs of the USS Jamestown AGTR-3.  Copies from Records of the Bureau of Naval Personnel (Record Group 24)

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