An Act of Kindness


As we sit around thinking about the times in our life that we consider memorable we often forget about some of the seemingly unmemorable things we did that impacted others in a very memorable way.

While the USS Jamestown AGTR-3 was docked in Kingston Harbor, Jamaica some of the crew met a young girl and her sister in front of the Sheraton Hotel.  The girl was looking for a sponsor so that she could enter a beauty contest.  Those individuals decided to sponsor her.  The results of this little deed had a very profound result for that little girl. (Read what she had to say some 40 years later.)

 In 1964 my sister Jennifer & I were parading at the Sheraton Hotel in Kingston, Jamaica ~ waiting to be sponsored for the first ever Little Miss Jamaica Beauty Contest sponsored by the Miss Universe Beauty Contest.
Officers from the USS JAMESTOWN were there & sponsored Jenn & I..... I went on to win that beauty contest & with my sash across my chest stating LITTLE MISS USS.JAMESTOWN ~ then I, Elham Feanny_Little Miss USS Jamestown was crowned LITTLE MISS JAMAICA, 1964. I went on to Miami Beach, FL for the first ever Little Miss Universe Beauty Contest with 300 contestants from around the world. They voted me_Little Miss Amityfriendliest girl and then I_Little Miss USS JAMESTOWN_became Little Miss Universe, 1964.
I still remember the thrill of walking on board the USS JAMESTOWN docked at Kingston Harbour in Jamaica that summer of 1964 and having those handsome American Navy Officers & Crew cheer for me..... yippeeeeeee.
Thanks for sponsoring me & making me Miss USS JAMESTOWN beauty queen......... it was the thrill of a lifetime... I assure you!
Elham Teresa Feanny (born & raised in Kinston & then COral Gables, Florida - now living in Bradenton Beach, FLORIDA USA.

Need I say that the whole experience was too wonderful to be real sometimes... I think ~ could it be?! did it really happen ~ then I discovered your web.stie & thank you for that too....... I failed to tell you & I was reminded of it when I looked thru the photos ~ my sister Jennifer Elaine & I were both entered in the contest & the officers of the USS Jamestown "sponsored" both of us ~ I found a photo of me winning the title with my sister Jennifer in the background with her banner on (which was clear as ever ~ Miss USS JAMESTOWN). Thank you, Emile. It's very nice to be in contact & to share this bit of history with you & with all the FRIENDS of the USS JAMESTOWN.
Yours sincerely, Elham Teresa Feanny

As we get older and we try to assess our lives, we donít always know the positive impact we had on others as a result of doing little deeds of kindness.  Here is one example of how much those deeds can mean to the recipient of those acts of kindness.

 Please note that in the following items one of the articles refers to the Jamestown as a cruiser not a technical research ship (AGTR).